Music and Feeling: An Inquiry into the Relationship of Notation and Technique by Daniel Durand

Suggested Reading

The following list of books may appear casual or even flippant, but the issues dealt with in this book are found more in the writings of people who write or wrote of music's effects rather than the preconditions of performance. Some of the non-musical sources have musical intent. Most do not; they are included for the broader view of societal and personal subjects that can relate to musical purposes. Of particular interest is Love and Will. To substitute the word "music" for the word "sex" in that book is to discover the macrocosm of the ills of today's musical world. Eli Sagen's book came to notice after this opus was written; it is included here because it confirms the sociological and psychological thoughts about contemporary performers that had already been expressed.


Brown, William Earl Vocal Wisdom
Chase, Mildred Portney Just Being at the Piano
Crispin, Edmund Glimpses of the Moon, mystery novel
Holy Disorders, mystery novel
Swan Song, mystery novel
Knox, Ronald Enthusiasm
Kurnitz, Harry Once More with Feeling, play
Maritain, JacquesThree Reformers: Luther-Descartes-Rousseau
May, Rollo Love and Will
Merton, ThomasConjectures of a Guilty Bystander
The Way of Chuang Tzu
MusashiThe Book of Five Rings
Sagan, EliThe Honey and the Hemlock,
Paranoia and Democracy in Ancient
Athens and Modern America
Sayers, DorothyThe Mind of the Maker
Creed or Chaos, essay in Creed or Chaos
Tuchman, Barbara WMankind's Better Moments, essay in Practicing History
Williams, CharlesThe Index of the Body, essay


Anderson, Emily, tr. Letters of Mozart and His Family
Barzun, JacquesBerlioz and His Century
The Musical Life, essay in Critical Questions
Berlioz, HectorEvenings with the Orchestra Memoirs
David and Mendel, eds.The Bach Reader
Dent, EdwardThe Rise of Romantic Opera
Gannett, PeterThe Bluffer's Guide to Music
Hindemith, PaulJohann Sebastian Bach
Lang, Paul HenryGeorge Friderich Handel
Music in Western Civilization
H. Macdonold, ed.Selected Letters of Berlioz
Lebrecht, NormanWho Killed Classical Music?
Loesser, ArthurMen, Women and Pianos
Mellers, WilfridMan and His Music:The Sonata Principle
Muir, FrankAn Irreverent and Thoroughly Incomplete Social History of Almost Everything (the section on music)
Rosen, CharlesThe Classical Style
Sonata Form
Schrade, LeoBach - The Conflict Between the Sacred and the Secular
Shaw, George BernardLondon Music in 1888-89 as Heard by Como Di Bassetto
Music in London 1890-94
Skelton, Geoffrey, ed.Selected Letters of Paul Hindemith
Smith, R.L., tr.Debussy on Music
Storr, AnthonyMusic and the Mind
Thomson, VirgilA Virgil Thomson Reader
Tovey, Donald FrancisEssays in Musical Analysis